Free Counseling Resources

Grief is universal. Although we may grieve in different ways, grief is not restricted to those with money in their pockets. PetCloud believes that everyone should have access to the help they need. Whatever stage of grief, there are free resources available to you.

PetCloud is not an exclusive club. We are here for everyone.

Free activities for individuals or families

These activities are here to help you in your process of grieving. Do these together or separately, whatever feels most comfortable to you.

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Pet Memory Project

Submit your memories, stories, regrets, secrets, guilt, anger, frustration, or sadness to the PetCloud Memory Portal. Inspired by PostSecret, the PetCloud Memory Blog is a place to share whatever it is you are feeling. An important part of grieving is sharing and releasing your emotions. The Weekly Memory Blog is a place to do just that – share in order to heal.

*Be sure to familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines. These are set to ensure a safe, constructive environment for all.

Bereavement FAQ

You are not alone. Many other people have the same questions you do. Write, call, or email us your questions. We’re here to help.

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“There is no grief like the grief that does not speak” – Henry Longfellow

Saturday Support Group MeetUp

Every Saturday, in Lafayette park from 10am-12pm, we host a free support group that is open to everyone who is grieving the loss of a beloved family pet. Come join us to learn, share, and talk about your grief in a supportive environment, surrounded by other people who feel the same intense grief you do. 

Bring a picture of your pet and be prepared to share your story and listen to the stories of other grievers. 

The MeetUp button to the left goes to our MeetUp page. The button below goes to our private discussion and Q&A. Let us know ahead of time if you plan on coming so we can get to know each other more.

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Snail Mail Newsletter

There’s nothing like a pen pal to lift your spirits. Every month, PetCloud sends out a mailed newsletter, delivered right to your door. Customized to include resources local to you, this newsletter provides you with the tools to connect with those in your own community.

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