Enterprise Consulting Services

Most workplaces are a well-oiled machine – moving parts function at an optimal level to achieve the end goal. When an employee is affected by grief, daily operations and as a result, deliverables suffer.

“Grief is the ultimate disruptor.”

Do you know how to deal with employees experiencing grief? How much time off is ‘normal’? Is a drop in performance expected? These are all very warranted concerns. 

Without a proper grief strategy implemented, a workplace risks a huge reduction in performance and function. With small businesses and startups, in particular, the effects of this can be devastating.

Investing in a proper grief strategy for your workplace is vital to ensuring you:

  • Function optimally under all conditions
  • Have your employees’ best interest in mind
  • Have management trained and ready to support & properly respond to an employee’s grief

Bonus: Include PetCloud’s Enterprise Counseling as an employee perk to boost morale and attract & retain talent.

Enterprise Consulting Services

  • Sensitivity Training

A 2-hour interactive training on how to be understanding of and helpful to employees and coworkers as they maneuver through grief.

  • Sensitivity Workshops

Choose from a half-day or all-day workshop that includes interactive activities and detailed information on how to properly handle grief in the workplace. 

  • Drop-in Sessions

Similar to PetCloud’s Group Counseling offerings, Enterprise Drop-in Sessions can be customized based on company needs. Investment dependent on company size, please inquire.

  • Professional Access for all Employees

Provide your employees with access to PetCloud’s Professional Counseling as needed. Investment dependent on company size, please inquire.

Other Offerings:

  • Daily Chatrooms
  • Dial-in Conference Counseling Chat Lines
  • Private Employee Counseling Meetings

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