Pet Loss & Bereavement Counseling

They say that pets are like family, but often times, our pets become far more. They are family, friend, and confidant wrapped in one. They are by your side, eager to support you through thick & thin, good & bad.

Losing a pet is one of the most painful experiences we can face. As you traverse this difficult loss, it’s important to give yourself ample time to grieve. To support yourself during the process, you need a community that understands the complex, deep emotions you are feeling.

We are a community dedicated to lifting you up during this difficult time.The PetCloud community vows to:

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Honor your pet

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Allow you to express yourself

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Validate your feelings

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Help you learn about loss

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Lift you up as you move toward healing

The Perfect Way to Remember Your Pet

As you navigate this loss, build a sacred space to share your fondest memories. Whether a funny story, a video exploring the outdoors, or a photograph of a cuddle session on the couch, your memories are safe in the PetCloud.

  • Create a digital scrapbook of your beloved pet and share with those who understand your loss and support you as you grieve.
  • Participate in weekly activities that promote healing by preserving the small everyday memories so easily forgotten.

Although your pet may be gone, their memory lives on and continues to bring an undeniable richness to your life.

Give Back

Giving back is a fundamental part of healing & recovery. We encourage all of our members to do this regularly, through volunteering & outreach, and we do it ourselves.

When we help others and give outside of ourselves, it can generate a profound sense of peace and gratitude which are so needed when we are grieving. We deserve to feel good, even though we are grieving.

Take some emotional weight off your shoulders by helping others in need. Sign-up to our newsletter to find specific ways you can help in your community.